Advantages of Companies that Buy My House for Cash

It’s time. This house has got to go. You are so done with mowing its lawns, re-painting its weathered siding, vacuuming the rooms you have barely used for more than storage since your kids moved out, or repairing the never-ending list of things that keep breaking. It’s time to downsize or relocate so you can stop spending outrageous amounts of money on high property taxes, utility costs, mortgage payments, and repair bills. But here’s the thing: those things will continue to plague you until the day the sale closes—and that can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months (if not more) depending on how desirable your home is—and they will be accompanied by the time and expense it takes to stage and show your home, and the negotiations you will need to accommodate in order to finally close that deal. You may have made the decision to sell, but that certainly wasn’t the hardest part—unless you choose to say “buy my house for cash” to a home buying company in Washington.

What are the advantages of saying “buy my house for cash”?

The advantages of finding a company in Washington, DC that will “buy my house for cash” are numerous, but let’s break it down into three categories: cost of time, cost of effort, and financial cost.

1) Cost of time

Don’t forget that your time is money. The amount of time you have to spend doing renovations, staging, landscaping, finding a Realtor, and relocating your possessions and pets (and selves) to accommodate home viewings all costs you. You may have to take time off of work, you may have to pay for a kennel or extra child care services, or you may just end up spending time on getting your house ready for the real estate market that you would much rather spend doing anything else at this point in your life. Don’t forget, this isn’t a quick process, either. Selling your home will continue to cost you your time for the months it could sit on the real estate market—and the longer it sits, the more likely it will continue to sit (and the more likely its’ value is to drop).

Don’t let the time you spend selling your home turn into wasted time. Contact a home buying company and say, “buy my house for cash” instead.

2) Cost of effort

One of the reasons you are selling your home is because you are tired of putting so much effort into seemingly endless repairs and reparations. That doesn’t end when you decide to sell. In fact, it escalates. Now you have to do all those repairs and renovations on a tighter deadline and to the expectations of your unpredictably picky potential buyers.

But, if selling doesn’t actually save you from those renovations, then why bother selling? Why not do the renovations for yourself? Or why not skip out on them entirely by saying “buy my house for cash AS IS—ugly or not”—to a professional home buying company in Washington, DC?

3) Financial cost

You’ll get a competitive cash offer with no finance contingencies when you say “buy my house for cash” to a home buying company. You aren’t going to get the same amount you could potentially get if you list the house on the real estate market, but remember that you will, in addition to getting a fast, competitive cash offer, be saving the cost of renovations and repairs, the cost of staging and storage for any items (pets, kids, yourself included) that you need to remove from the property during home viewings, the cost of real estate commissions and fees, and the cost of the home (utility fees, mortgage payments, property taxes, etc.) that you would otherwise have to continue to pay for the 6-12+ months during which the house would otherwise sit on the real estate market. Adding all that up, you’d be surprised how much you can actually save by saying buy my house for cash to a home buying company that will give you a competitive cash offer for your home AS IS—there’s no better advantage than that. 

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