The Smart Guide to Selling Your House Now

Since the advent of technology, there has always been two ways of doing things – the fast and efficient way, and the “traditional” way. Some people are convinced that the latter is the only way to get things done properly. Is this true when it comes to selling a house fast in today’s real estate market?

Look at it this way: to get a warm, satisfying loaf of bread with a firm curst and soft, fluffy inside, the traditional method of starting the yeast, kneading the dough, letting the bread rise and shaping it by hand is ideal. It’s also a lot of work. See the trade off? The same principle can be applied to the progressive way to sell a house fast, but there is one key difference – there is no “trade off”. You can sell your house now with less work and effort than with the traditional way, and walk away with cash in your pocket.

How is this possible? We’ll show you by contrasting the traditional way, and today’s smart method of selling your house now and get cash for your house.

The traditional way

For many years, the only way to sell your home was through the traditional method – contact a Realtor, hire a contractor for costly upgrades, stage your home, let strangers evaluate every corner, pay 6% commission to the Realtor, and deal with piles of storage boxes thanks to your Realtor’s demands that you strip the house of all its personalized touches. That means living (and paying for) life in a renovation zone that’s constantly changing as per buyers’ needs. That’s the traditional way, but it’s not necessarily the best way.

The smart guide to selling a house fast

The progressive way to sell a house fast now is to follow these quick and easy steps :

1.  Contact a cash home buying company. Not just any company, but one that has years of proven industry experience, bulk buying power, and the ability to offer you a very competitive cash offer.

2.  Get a competitive cash offer for your home “As Is” within minutes of your call or email.

3.  Accept the offer and close in as little as seven days.

4.  Sell your house fast without any renovations or making repairs.

What is missing from this list? What’s missing is commission, packing and storing belongings to improve home showings, hassles and stress.

House Buyers of America understands you and your needs

Recognizing that homeowners just wanted to sell a house fast and hassle free, House Buyers of America became an early pioneer in the cash for house market. Unlike novice buyers working with limited capital from a basement office, House Buyers is a well-established, experienced corporation with financial backers and bulk buying power that is able to quickly buy and renovate houses. This works to your advantage because they are expertly positioned to offer you a very competitive cash offer for your house, and then close quickly.

Traditional or Progressive?

There is no doubt that tradition works for many things in our lives, but so does doing things in a new, efficient and progressive way (for example: landline vs. smartphone). If you want to see cash in your hands for your home, as opposed to spending thousands of dollars up front to fix it up for what could be a 6-12 month wait in the real estate market, contact us today. House Buyers of America’s method is the fast, smart way homeowners are getting cash for their house now. We currently buy houses in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. 

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