Things to Be Considered Before You Sell Your House

Things to Be Considered Before You Sell Your House

Are you thinking the words, “sell my house?” There are a number of reasons to sell: maybe you are moving for work and want the home to sell in a hurry so you can get on with your new life; maybe you are going through a divorce and need to sell the house to split the equity; maybe your kids have all moved out, and it makes more sense to save costs by downsizing into a smaller place. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of things you should think about before you decide to say “sell my house” to a Realtor, home buyers, or independent buyer.

Here are five things you need to consider:


Chances are, you aren’t going to have much luck selling your home as is —unless you say “sell my house” to a home buying company. If you decide to go the market route, though, you are going to be expected to renovate to bring the house up to the buyers’ standards—and those have gotten pretty high. You don’t necessarily have to do the renovations, but if you opt out, prepare to see an increase in the length of time the house sits on the market and a decrease in the value of the offers. It is well worth weighing the expected costs of renovation against the price difference to see what you should do.

Staging for Home Showings and Open Houses

Having a beautiful home isn’t enough anymore. You will also need to stage the home so it’s ready for all home showings and open houses. This may be a challenge if you are trying to live in the home while you sell it. Remember that you will have to leave during viewings, and you will need to relocate personal items, including trinkets and treasures, and pets. In some cases, it’s a lot easier to say “sell my house” to a Washington, DC home buying company so you can get the competitive cash offer and move right into your new place—without having to spend the time and effort on staging.

Home Inspections

Whether or not you choose to do renovations, your potential buyers are most likely going to want you to allow home inspectors to assess your house. These inspections may or may not come out of the amount of the offer, should the buyer decide to go through with the purchase, but whether or not they require you to pay the inspectors, any problems that inspector finds will definitely come out of your pocket. It’s yet another reason saying “sell my house” to a home buying company in Washington, DC is a good idea.

Real Estate Commissions and Fees

Remember to consider all the extra costs that are associated with selling your house. There are going to be real estate commissions and fees (usually around 6 percent) associated with selling via a real estate agent. There are also fees associated with simply listing your house on real estate websites. Consider how much those fees are going to subtract from the profit margin you’ve been anticipating. Maybe it would make more sense to save the high commissions and fees and say “sell my house” to a Washington, DC home buying company that will make you a competitive offer with no finance contingencies.


You’ll have to remember the timing, too. Is the market in your favor right now? Would you do better with a winter or summer sale? You may have to sit on your home a bit longer to make sure it hits the market at the right time, and thus doesn’t have to sit too long losing value. Plus, if the house sits on the market for any length of time (usually anywhere from six months to a year), you’ll be responsible for making any mortgage payments and for covering utility costs and property taxes for that length of time, too. In the long run, it may just save you time to say “sell my house” to a home buying company who will make you a competitive cash offer, allowing you to sell your house in seven days.

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