Want to Sell a House Quickly? Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

Need a quick sale?

There are many reasons why you may need to sell a house quickly. Landlords whose rental properties no longer fit their goals need a quick turnaround to liquidate cash for their next investment property. Siblings who have inherited a family home but have no need or intention of living in it know a quick sale can avoid family feuds and get everyone the financial share they deserve. Military families or those moving on short notice to accept a job need a quick sale, so they can focus on the move and their new lives in a different city.

The problem and the solution

Too many people in need of a quick house sale become paralyzed in action. The thought of renovating to get the house ready for the real estate market, the reality of current market conditions, the Realtor’s commission, and having to constantly vacate the home after depersonalizing it for viewings is a huge hassle and takes up a lot of valuable time. Isn’t there an easier way?
There is a fast and easy way to sell a house quickly. Simply sell your home to cash home buyers.

House Buyers of America has purchased well over 1,350 houses since 2001. Working with your schedule and always closing on time, House Buyers of America’s experience, financial backing and a dedicated team of contractors ensure you get a competitive cash offer and a quick sale. The best part is that House Buyers of America buys your home “As Is”. You never have to do renovations or even weed the front garden. You can sell your house quickly for cash, close the sale fast, and walk away with cash in your pockets. It’s a completely hassle-free process.

The Do’s and Don’ts for a quick sale

To sell a house quickly :

The Do’s

•  Consider selling your house for cash.

•  Rely on an experienced house buying company that has a proven track record of exceptional service and volume buying power.

•  Recognize that a cash-for-house sale means you never have to do renovations or pay commissions.

•  Enjoy the hassle-free method of house selling that enables you to quickly focus on the other important aspects of your life.

The Don'ts... 

•  Rely on the traditional real estate market and expect a quick sale.

•  Forget to calculate your financial losses if you have to renovate your home and pay sales commissions.

•  Forget to calculate your financial losses if you have already purchased another home and are stuck with two mortgages until your first home sells.

•  Forget to rent storage space to hold the items you have to take out of your home so it appears uncluttered and depersonalized for potential buyers.

•  Ignore the fact that there will be family tension if you expect your siblings to pitch in to fix up an inherited home.

Which way sounds the best to you? A fast home sale and a competitive cash offer, or a long and drawn out process that digs a deep hole in your pocket for renovations and fees? The choice is yours, but when you choose the fast and easy way, choose House Buyers of America. We have your best interests in mind, and thanks to our many years in business and our bulk purchasing power, we buy houses As Is and offer one of the most competitive cash offers on your house. Contact us today to get started. 

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