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Selling your home can be a very stressful process, but it certainly doesn’t have to be! If you are looking to sell your home fast and efficiently, look no further than House Buyers of America. Unlike selling a house on the real estate market, selling to us is easy. We buy houses in any condition, from sellers just like you. Are you motivated to sell your home quickly, or perhaps just want to sell in a hassle-free manner? Take a chance on us, and we will show you just how painless the home selling process can be.

Sell Your House “As Is”

One of the biggest ways in which selling to House Buyers of America differs from the real estate market is the ability to sell “As Is”. When you choose to forgo tradition, you also leave behind all of the hassle of home repairs, renovations, staging, and showings. All of these elements are absolutely essential to the process when selling on the market, as this is what will make your home stand out from the crowd. If you aren’t willing to put in the work beforehand, you will run the very real risk of having your home sitting stagnant on the market for months without a single offer. This is why selling can be such an expensive and time-consuming process for many people. Many sellers lack the funds necessary to make all of these needed repairs and renovations, making the selling process a lengthy and stressful time for many individuals. By choosing to sell to an express home buying company instead, you have the ability to sell your property “As Is”. This means that you do not need to do one single repair before contacting us. We take care of everything and do all of the heavy lifting, which means that you don’t have to! We buy houses, regardless of what condition they happen to be in. This will save you the money, time and energy that you can put towards something that you truly want.

We Buy Houses Fast

When you are moving into a new house, selling your old one can be very stressful. As long as your old home is sitting on the market, you risk having to carry two mortgages if you cannot get the old one sold. This is no longer an issue when dealing with House Buyers of America. We buy homes fast and in any condition. We have purchased over 1,450 homes since 2001, which is a feat that no one else can claim. We do not charge any commissions, and we buy houses for cash, with no finance contingences. It is guaranteed that we will make a competitive cash offer on your home. The only thing that you are responsible for in our selling process is first contacting us, and then accepting our offer. We take care of the rest!

Contact us at 855-659-3289 today! We will prepare a competitive cash offer for you within 10 minutes over the phone, which is faster than anything that you can believe might happen on the market. If you no longer want to deal with the stress of owning your home, contact House Buyers of America today! We buy homes, “As Is,” guaranteed! 

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