How Smart Is It to Sell Your Home “As Is”?

Posted February 15, 2017 by Admin & filed under Sell Home As Is.

Is it time to sell your Maryland home ? Whether you’ve decided that you need to downsize to a more manageable home, whether you’ve inherited a home or whether you are simply looking for a change, there is nothing more time consuming and inconvenient than the home selling process. It looks great on television: you spend your generous budget turning the home into a buyer’s dream, increase the market value on your home and sell within hours of the first big open house. It sounds great, but there’s one problem (apart from what being shown on TV being completely unrealistic): what is the home buyer’s dream? Unless you have a lot of real estate experience and have all the latest, greatest and soon-to-be style trends memorized, it can be a challenge to renovate your house the way buyers are going to want to see it. Moreover, homes tend to sit on the market a lot longer than the length of a TV program and that means months (and months and months) of open houses and home viewings, which means months (and months and months) of keeping your home spotlessly show-ready, whether you are still living in it or not. All of that takes time, effort and money—and a lot of it at that—which is why selling your home “As Is” is a much better option.

Why sell your home “As Is”?

When it comes to selling your Maryland home, you really don’t want to get caught in the renovation nightmare. It really isn’t the glamour it’s portrayed to be on all the home reno, do-it-yourself shows. It’s expensive and the more work you have to do to your home to get it buyer-ready, the more likely you are to find problems—big problems—like leaky roofs, cracked foundations, faulty wiring and even asbestos. While it may seem like a good idea to renovate to drive up your home’s value, every problem and aesthetic fix you run into is going to cut into those profit margins—not to mention the fact that you’ll be required to pay for those fixes now, but your home might sit on the market for as many as 6-12 months and that could leave you with costly repair expenses on top of potentially having to carry two mortgages and all of the utility fees. Also, don’t think construction projects aren’t going to be drawing electricity for as much as a year before you see any profits. There is a smart alternative: sell your home “As Is.”

Selling your Maryland home “As Is” means saving yourself time and money—but don’t think you’ll be walking away without a profit as a result. House Buyers of America, will give you a competitive offer in as little as 10 minutes over the phone. Because House Buyers of America has a professional renovation crew on hand and buys its renovation products in bulk, the company saves 50 percent of what a typical homebuyer would spend on renovations; and since it saves more, so do you. House Buyers of America buys houses “As Is” so you don’t have to spend a dime on renovations or cleaning; unlike real estate agencies. There are no real estate commissions or hidden fees; all offers are in cash, with no finance contingencies. You’ll be able to sell your home in as little as seven days, which means you’ll save on all of those mortgage and utility payments. It’s the smart way to save money while selling your home fast.