We Buy Houses in Plymouth, PA

The real estate market in Plymouth, Pennsylvania is changing fast. People are moving in and out of the area at a high pace and development in the area is driving up home prices. For many, this means that it is either just the right time to buy the house of their dreams, or it's prime time to sell before another change occurs—perhaps in a declining equity direction. House Buyers of America can help sell your house for cash now! 

We buy houses in Plymouth, Pennsylvania. Our process is focused on making it easy for you to sell, collect the cash, and move on to other priorities. Whether you are underwater on your house, or you are ready for something new; whether your house is in pristine condition, or it needs a lot of work, House Buyers of America can make you a great offer. 

About Plymouth, PA

Plymouth, Pennsylvania is conveniently located near Wilkes Barre, PA along the Susquehanna River. It has a small downtown area with quaint shops and local restaurants that serve a small geography with about 5,000 residents. It previously was home to a thriving coal mining industry, with manufacturing companies in the town providing products to support the coal industry and other industrial sectors.

The small community is just over one square mile in Luzerne County. There are a variety of families and senior citizens that call Plymouth, PA their home. However, the crime rate and public school ratings are not at a competitive advantage when compared to other similarly sized suburban areas in the region.  This may cause some residents to move to other suburbs with lower crime rates and better school ratings.

Homes are less expensive in Plymouth, PA than the national average. According to Niche, the median home value in Plymouth is just $72,100. This is much lower than the national median of $217,500 in the United States. 

How to Sell Your House Fast in Plymouth, Pennsylvania

If you want to sell your house fast, the first thing you need to do is contact a cash house buyer like House Buyers of America. Cash buyers are usually much faster to make you an offer and complete the sale process compared to financed buyers and/or Realtors. 

  • Schedule an appointment to have your house assessed. 
  • We make you an offer! This process usually moves quickly - you can get a quality offer in a short amount of time. 
  • Next, accept the offer and start the closing process. We coordinate the closing process for you so that you do not have to handle a lot of complicated paperwork and schedules. All you have to do is review the documents and approve!

That’s it—your house is sold and you receive a wire transfer straight to your bank account as liquid cash.

We Help Families in Plymouth, PA Sell Their Houses Fast

There are times when you need to sell your house quickly so you can move to and settle into your new house even faster. Whatever the reason, it is possible to sell your house fast. Here are a few of the most common reasons people choose House Buyers of America to help them quickly sell their house for cash: 

Selling an Inherited House

Selling an inherited house can be particularly challenging. In addition to the emotional toll of losing a loved one, you may also face a number of unexpected hurdles, including financial and legal red tape. Selling an inherited house can take longer than expected, especially if it’s in need of major repairs or upgrades.


Everybody wants ample square footage in a house, but many people find that they need to downsize at some point. Maybe the kids are all grown up and off to college or financial pressure is making it hard to maintain the property. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided it’s time to sell your big house and downsize to something that is more aligned to your current lifestyle. 

Your House Needs Many, Many Repairs

Houses can fall into disrepair, especially during difficult times. It is also possible that a lot of the work that needs to be done on your house just happens to come up at the same time. It is possible to sell your house AS IS in Plymouth, Pennsylvania. Traditional real estate processes require you to have the right/approved buyer and to disclose all of the known issues upfront. 

Financial Issues

Your house is likely the most valuable asset or investment. When you run into serious financial troubles, you can sell your house to help pay off your debts. When this happens, you will likely have to sell quickly to get ahead of those financial issues. 

For most people, this can be a difficult and stressful time since selling a house in the traditional way can take months before you receive the money. Your alternative solution is to find a cash buyer that works quickly and makes the process easy, like House Buyers of America.


If you already found a new house that you want to move into, you can be in a hurry to complete the sale of your current house in order to support a mortgage down payment and/or closing costs. Many people rely on selling their house to help pay for their new house. We can help you sell your house quickly so that you don’t miss the chance to buy your dream house! 

The House Buyers of America Process

Selling your house, regardless of what condition it is in, does not have to be difficult or time consuming. At House Buyers of America, we make selling  your home easy. After we assess some basic information about your home, we make you a no-strings-attached cash offer. 

Our offers are competitive. We can also close sales quickly, making it easy to sell your house for cash without hassle. Our offers are even available for houses that have interior and exterior issues that need to be fixed. Don’t worry about them—we will still make you an offer on your house. We buy houses in Plymouth, Pennsylvania and make it easy to sell any house. 

Why Choose House Buyers of America?

When you need to sell your house and you have conditions that can make it difficult, get help from House Buyers of America. We are different from other home buyers and we can help you sell your house using our refined process. Selling to us is quick, easy, and hassle free, just the way that selling your home in Plymouth, Pennsylvania should be!

Fast House Sale

We buy houses for cash in Plymouth, Pennsylvania, making a quick house sale possible. Selling your home for cash removes the hassles of financing, and you can even sell your house without a Realtor.

We Buy Houses With No Hidden Fees

When House Buyers of America makes an offer to buy your house, you can rest assured that what we offer is the amount that we pay. We buy houses with no hidden fees or changes to the offer. We just buy your house for cash with no hassle or back and forth.

No Preparation

If your house needs a lot of work, you need to find financing, or you have other issues to resolve before you can sell your house, don’t worry about it! House Buyers of America can make you an offer on your house regardless of its condition. 

We take homes that are in perfect condition, need a few repairs, or need a lot of work. You won’t have to worry about the costs or coordinating a lot of last minute contractors. Let us worry about all of that. You can sell your house with no preparation and still get a fair market offer. 

We Buy Houses for Cash in Plymouth, PA

How can we do all of this? We buy houses for cash in Plymouth, PA, allowing us to cut out the middle men (Realtors) for the seller in almost all cases. No more worrying about financing, cleanups, repairs, or other problems. Let us worry about all of that once we take the house off of your hands. 

Where Do We Buy Houses in Plymouth, PA?

We buy houses in Plymouth, PA, and many of the surrounding areas. For years, we have helped people in the area sell their houses quickly and without a lot of fuss and headaches. We are also among the few cash house buyers that you can trust to give you a decent price with no hidden fees or charges. Here is a list of the places where we buy houses near Plymouth:

Sell Your House Fast With House Buyers of America

House Buyers of America is a leading option for selling your home in Plymouth, PA quickly. Everything about how we buy homes is designed to make the process quick and easy for you. From making cash offers to taking houses in need of some work, we are one of the few fast home buyers in Plymouth, Pennsylvania that you can count on. 

Call now at 855-659-3289 or fill out our online form to get a cash offer within 10 minutes!