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There are two sides to the real estate: that of the buyer and that of the seller. Which one do you think has the advantage of the market? Obviously, the seller is the one who stands to make the biggest gain, right? Not necessarily. For the most part, real estate is the buyer’s game. Most of the aspects of selling a home are actually designed to appeal most to the buyer. Staging, renovating, marketing, open houses, price flexibility: it’s all designed to make your home—and the home selling process—cater to the buyer. But what about the seller? Is there a way to sell a home that caters specifically to the best interests of the seller instead of the buyer? There is; just sell your Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia home to a 'we buy houses' company instead.

What’s the difference?

We’ve already mentioned that the traditional real estate game is designed to appeal to the buyer. This isn’t an exaggeration, and with the popularity of real estate TV shows like “Love it or List it” out there, this trend is only getting stronger. If you’ve been trying to sell your home recently, you already know this to be true. Your home could be immaculate; however, if you have a marble entranceway and your potential buyer prefers white ceramic, your real estate agent is going to recommend you make that change to accommodate your buyer’s preferences. But hang on: that sort of change is purely aesthetic, which means it isn’t going to get you a better value on your home, and, in fact, you may be tearing out a more expensive and higher quality feature only to pay more money to redo it with something else. Not only are you paying for a redo that will offer you no better return than simply moving you a step closer to guaranteeing the buy, but you’ve also just wasted all of the time, money, and effort you had put into installing the marble in the first place. Those costs all add up—as does the time it takes you to do the renovations (as futile as they may seem), and the only alternative is to drop the price of your home a little so the buyer can make the changes themselves—if they decide, after they’ve gotten the better deal, that they even want to bother making that purely aesthetic and entirely non-functional change. This is the sign that it’s a buyer’s market, and it’s a time- and money-consuming frustration from which a we buy houses company can protect you.

It’s a really common story

Think about it: have you had to re-paint rooms in your house because the potential buyers want something more boring and neutral? Have you had to tear out your brand-new, beautiful granite countertops because the buyer wanted a lighter color? Have you installed new appliances because stainless steel is preferable, even if the other appliances worked perfectly fine? Have you had to take time off work to make these renovations happen, adding to the cost of the renovations the cost of lost income? Have you been kicked out of your home (and had to kennel your pets for the day), even if you work from home, for home viewings and open houses? Are you the one paying the real estate fees and commissions to make sure your home gets shown to the right kind of buyers (even though most of the people who wander through your home are just snoopers anyways, and even though it means your home will be left to sit on the market for as many as 6-12 months)? These are all indications that you are catering to a buyer’s market, and that simply isn’t necessary anymore. You can save all these expenses, all these frustrations, and all these time commitments by selling your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington DC home to a we buy houses company instead.

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