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L. Davis

District Heights, VA


The Way to Go

In 2017, my parents began to have medical problems. With their old age, it was time for us to think about selling their home and move them out to be with me in Washington State. They could not afford to live out on their own and their medical health was deteriorating rapidly. I could not leave them alone any longer. I did some research and finally contacted House Buyers after randomly seeing their flyer in the mail while visiting my family in Maryland. From the get-go, I asked for constant communication, because I had never sold a home before, let alone as-is to a company who was paying straight up cash. Luckily for me, the real estate consultant was honest, answered all of my questions, and never got tired of all of my questions. I kept after him over a long period of time, trying to decide whether or not I should sell the house this way. He alleviated all of my concerns and had me feeling comfortable with selling my home to House Buyers. He did not get frustrated or annoyed that I was taking so long to decide. Even at the end, when it was all said and done, House Buyers still came through when it came time to clean out the house and move on. They were able to get us the money we needed to get to back Washington to have our fresh start. For anyone looking to sell their home as-is; House Buyers is the way to go as they are totally legit and the real deal!

T. Smith

Columbia, MD


Cordial & Friendly

I very much enjoyed my experience with House Buyers of America. My objective was to move to North Carolina as soon as possible and House Buyers of America made this possible. Selling my Condo would have taken me much longer if I had used a realtor. I did not want to go through the process of renovations that would have been required if I had used a realtor. We lived in the condo for over 30 years and some updates and renovations were needed. House Buyers of America made the selling process painless by informing me of all the events and milestones that would occur and keeping me updated on these things. The selling process was made clear to me and everyone at House Buyers of America and the Brennan Title company were very cordial and friendly. Thank you for for helping me through this process. I have recommended your company to others who have expressed interest in using a company like yours.

C. Clarke

Burtonsville, MD


Inherited Home

I inherited my brother’s home after his passing, I knew I wanted to sell the house quickly, but it needed repairs that I did not have the time deal with. I had received your flyer in the mail and decided to call. Initially I had concerns about how fast I would be able to sell this property on my own. Working with my sales rep and the team at House Buyers was great! My sales rep, Drew, answered all my questions, walked me through the process and made it very easy. Working with the team at House Buyers it could not have been any easier or faster. The best thing I liked about working with House Buyers was the communication. When I called with a question, I received a call back in a timely manner with a clear answer. I would recommend House buyers of America to my friends and family!

A. Buchanan

Herndon, VA


Impending Hurricane

I received a direct mail piece from House Buyers of America and knew I would sell to an investor, so I gave them a call. I had expected to have to haggle over price and endure a long, complicated process, but my expectations were exceeded from the very beginning. I felt the pricing was extremely fair and the process hassle free every step of the way. From start to finish, everyone involved in the transaction was pleasant and accommodating to my needs. Even with an impending hurricane, House Buyers of America went out of their way to make sure I could close ahead of time, so I could evacuate the area. A truly pleasant experience that I have shared with my family and friends. I highly recommend House Buyers of America.

J. Abarro

Glen Burnie, MD


Super Professional

The time had come that my parents could no longer be on their own at home. We all decided it was best for us to place them into an assisted living facility where they could be looked after while I was working. The maintenance on the house had become astronomical as well and since we had let a few things go, I couldn’t keep up with the repairs needing to be done. After leaving a message explaining the situation, the sales guy called me back within an hour and quickly established the initial inspection. Once title was pulled it was deemed I had ground rent to pay, but I honestly knew nothing about it. But, your team of workers dug in their heels and were nonstop doing research so this deal wouldn’t fall through. I was so impressed with House Buyers. You were super professional and acted with swiftness just as I had requested. When I asked for closing to occur before my next mortgage payment was due, it was not a problem and you barreled right through it without worrying me with speed bumps. The settlement girl I worked with mainly was on top of everything. She kept me calm when I thought I’d never be able to sell our house. You all under promised and over delivered which is how any good companies should conduct their customer service. I would recommend you to anyone in my situation or even to someone who needed to sell their house quickly because House Buyers doesn’t drag their feet! You all get an A++.

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