Sell My House Fast Washington, DC

House Buyer of America has been buying homes in Washington, DC for cash since 2001. In that time, we’ve streamlined the real estate selling process. This means you can sell your house for cash fast.

We achieve this speed by cutting out the middleman and you don’t even have to search for some unknown potential buyer. We are going to buy your home. But how fast is “fast”? Let’s compare. 

How fast is “sell your house fast”? 

When taking the usual home-selling route with enlisting the help of a realtor, listing, locating a buyer, and selling, it could take as long as 6-12 months! 

This is extremely long when you consider you can get a cash offer from House Buyers of America in a matter of minutes over the phone. And if you agree to the price we will visit your home with contracts and close the deal on the same day, with the lump sum appearing in your account within days.   

Why is the usual process so slow? The problem lies with the fact you need to find the right buyer for your home. In many cases, the average time does not include other work needed to even start listing your home in Washington, DC. The list of why home selling is a slow process with the usual method varies widely. 

And includes: 

Maintenance of the home 

No one is going to want your home if there is visible maintenance required on the home. And if you do sell a home with maintenance issues, it may result in a lengthy negotiation time sorting out the contingencies in the closing agreement

Also, when there’s a list of jobs to be completed, the costs can quickly add up to a small fortune as well as the amount of time required to fix them. 

These tasks can range from having:

  • A leaky basement 
  • Poor landscaping 
  • A roof in need of repairs 
  • To paint
  • And needing an exterior facelift  

And there could be costs with agreeing to use a realtor for a longer time frame.

Picking the correct real estate company

Selecting the right realtor can make a huge difference between a pleasant experience to wanting to pull your hair out. 

If you want to answer the question, “Can you sell my house fast please?” it is vital to ensure you choose the right real estate agent. To make sure you have, it’s always important to line up some questions to ask, 

  • How long have they been a real estate agent?
  • Do they have any references? 
  • How many homes have they helped buy and sell?
  • What number of clients are they currently working with? 
  • Are they real estate specialists? 
  • What’s their average time frame from start to finish?  
  • Do they work with a team? 
  • Best channel of communication? 
  • And what’s their best viewing times?

While this might seem like a long list, you will owe this individual 6% of the asking price on the home. This means if you’re planning on selling your home for $250,000, you’ll owe the estate agent between $15,000, which is a sizable amount of cash. So, ensuring they are the right one is key. 

It might not come as a shock now, but selecting the correct real estate agent or company to ensure this is a fast house sale can be tricky. 

Briefing the realtor on needs and wants

Everyone has their own individual needs, and your reasons for wanting to move can vary widely. But first, discuss what price you want out of the deal as there is an understanding in the real estate market that the asking price (the price on the advert) is negotiable.

This being said, you might not want to be flexible with the price, which is something you need to discuss with the agent. Ensuring that you’re both on the same page is critical. 

Another area to discuss is whether you’ll be interested in accepting a financed or cash deal. The procedures you need to meet when a potential buyer is relying on a third party can extend the process by weeks.  Also, most financial institutions will require an appraiser to inspect the home. 

But once you’ve made sure that you and your realtor are on the same page, it’s time to list the home. 

Listing the home and making it show ready

Your realtor’s main goal is to attract an interested buyer to your home. To do this they need to create a listing, which in turn requires photos. But before the photographer starts snapping pictures, your agent might suggest injecting some cash into sprucing up the place. Which can range from a coat of paint to buying new bedsheets. 

And the majority of realtors will resort to contacting a professional photographer. As the simple fact is, buyers will be attracted to your home if it catches their eye. Also, agents will insist that your home’s curbside appeal is maintained, which might mean hiring a landscaping company. 

After the photos have been taken, and the curb looks good, it’ll be time to sit and wait for an interested buyer to come through the door. 

It will be a rare occurrence if the buyer is able to offer cash for the home, and most will require a third party to assist. Which means it’ll need to be appraised. 

Home appraisal

Financial institutions will always require an appraisal on homes for which their clients are asking assistance in purchasing. This inspection is done by an outside, unbiased specialist, who will appraise the value of your home and assess whether the agreed-upon price matches their evaluation. 

These appraisers are normally looking for general issues around the home such as: 

  • Electrics
  • No exposed wiring 
  • Whether heating and cooling systems work
  • Roofing
  • Pests
  • Water and sanitation
  • Mold
  • And drainage

After the inspection is completed it can take 10 days to finalize their report, which is then sent to the bank. 

If there is an issue, your buyer can submit for a new appraisal, but this will restart the entire process again. And if there is a lower evaluation, it will give them a good position to renegotiate the price when closing the deal.

Renegotiating the price and closing agreement 

If the appraisal valuation has come in lower, expect the potential buyer to renegotiate the selling price on the home. The report that was generated by the appraiser will indicate the reasons for their recommended price, which the homeowner can address. Or you can include some new contingencies and even reduce your price as the homeowner. 

But once you’ve ironed out the issues it’s time to close the sale. The documents you’ll require are: 

  • The settlement statement
  • The deed
  • The promissory note 
  • And deed of trust or mortgage

And once everyone has signed on the dotted line, you might need to wait a few more weeks for the capital to reflect. 

This is a lengthy process and we know some of you need to just sell your home - now. So what can you do? 

I just want to sell my home fast in Washington, DC

With so many steps in the traditional house selling method, there are bound to be many who just want a company that will pay cash for homes. House Buyers of America is the industry leader in the real estate investment sector and one of the largest. We buy houses and make sure that it is fast and efficient, with a fair cash offer. 

And we’ve been making offers with cash on homes since 2001. So, we can assure you that we won’t waste your time having to meet third-party requirements or appraisals.

The main reason why you are able to sell homes so quickly is we’re the buyer. And we buy houses in Washington, DC

But why should you select House Buyers of America? 

Why choose House Buyers of America? 

Since 2001, House Buyers of America has been in the business of buying and selling homes in Washington, DC.  We bring our experience and customer service records to the table. This means our staff is able to assist with nearly every situation because we’ve been there, bought and sold thousands of houses.

Currently, the House Buyers of America will buy homes in all the neighborhoods of Washington DC, and all throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

It doesn’t matter if it is a single-family house, townhouse, condo, semi-detached, or apartment, we’re interested in buying your property. And, even in financially difficult times, we’re interested in making you a fair cash offer. 

But how does the House Buyers of America process work? 

How Does House Buyers of America work? 

The first step is to give us a call at 855-659-3289, or use our online form to get started! We’ll give you a fair cash offer within 10 minutes. 

If you accept the offer, we will arrange a time to meet at your house, where we’ll bring along the paperwork to sign. 

Once our Real Estate Consultant takes you through all the paperwork, and you’ve signed the contract, you will see the cash in your account in a matter of days. Get your fair cash offer from House Buyers of America today!