Five Reasons You Should Sell Your House AS IS

 Are you thinking of selling your Maryland home? You could endure the lengthy real estate process—or you could benefit overall from making the decision to sell your house AS IS. Here are five reasons you should choose to do that. 

1) Did you just inherit a home that came complete with a second mortgage to carry on top of your own?

An unexpected inheritance is an awesome thing. It means pure profit for you, right? Well, not necessarily. Chances are, that home you just inherited hasn’t been updated in a while, and that means you are going to have to do a lot of renovating to resolve the aesthetic and structural problems the house has developed over the years. In other words, if you were already concerned about trying to juggle that additional mortgage
until the house sells, you could be in for a much bigger financial expenditure than that. Many houses take as long as six months to sell on the traditional market. That means you can keep adding those expenses up over the length of time it takes the house to sell. Instead of taking on those extra expenses, though, you could get out of your house quickly by selling your house AS IS to a home buying company instead.

2) Did you just get divorced and thus need to sell quickly for legal protocols?

Divorce can be tense at the best of times, and when there is a house involved, that can get a lot trickier. If you are going to keep the house when your partner moves out, then he or she is probably going to come at you for half the value of the house. If he or she gets it appraised high enough, you could end up owing him or her a lot more than the house is actually worth. To resolve the issue, you could always sell your Maryland house AS IS to a home buying company. You could have a cash offer within 10 minutes over the phone, and the whole process can be over in as few as seven days. Not only can that be timely, but it can also mean you have cash in hand and a record of the value of the house that you can take to your ex’s lawyers to ensure you don’t have to pay more than that house is worth.

3) Are you thinking retirement would sound a lot better with more travel and less house to worry about?

If you sell your house AS IS, you don’t have to worry about bills, mortgages, real estate commissions or fees, renovations, upkeep, maintenance, etc. The list of all the time, money, and effort we put into our houses could go one for a while, and with your busy travel plans, you don’t even have time to start getting into it. 

4) Is your home maintenance getting too demanding for your time and level of ability?

As we get older, certain things—like getting up on that ladder to paint the siding or clean out the eavestroughs, or like mowing and weeding the lawns—become a lot more difficult, painful, and even dangerous to do. If you have had your fill of home maintenance, then you definitely don’t want to do a bunch to get your house onto the traditional real estate market. Let the decision to walk away from homeowners’ maintenance be
the last of it; sell your Maryland house AS IS. 

5) Do you need to move for work in too much of a hurry to be slowed down by lengthy real estate processes?

Six months on the market, plus renovation and staging time, plus time spent on open houses and viewings, plus lengthy closing processes that can drag on after the Maryland house finally sells: you can avoid it all and get on with the move toward your new life when you sell your house AS IS. 

All of these reasons—and the many more that are out there—describe exactly why you should sell your house AS IS. Sound like the right step for you? Sell your Maryland house AS IS to us, a reputable home buying company, and we’ll help you get out from under your house scot-free—and finance contingency-free as well. Call now to get an offer within 10 minutes over the phone! 

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