How to Sell Your House Quickly Without Leaving It Vacant

How to Sell Your House Quickly Without Leaving It Vacant

Selling your house quickly can be a daunting task, especially with how competitive the real estate market often is. If you need to get out of your home fast, but don’t want to leave it vacant, House Buyers of America can help! Saying “sell my house quickly” to us is a much different experience than selling on the market. We have a fast turnaround time when it comes to purchasing your home, and we pride ourselves on our ability to buy houses quickly. Our sell my house now option will work for everyone who is looking to leave immediately. 

Buy My House Fast 

No matter your reasoning for selling your home quickly, we can help. There are numerous reasons why you may be looking for an easy way out from under your home. If that’s you, House Buyers offers a “sell my house now” option that will allow you to leave faster than you’ve ever believed possible. We can buy houses fast because we buy homes “As Is”. What does this mean? You don’t have to lift a single finger to do any repairs, renovations, or staging in preparation for selling your house. This is typical practice when it comes to selling on the real estate market simply because it is so competitive that, unless your home is the newest and most beautiful one available, it can be easily overlooked. We buy houses in any condition, shortening the amount of time it usually takes to sell exponentially. Whether your house needs major repairs or just a little sprucing up, we take care of it all. 

Sell My House Now 

When you need to sell your house fast, there is no better option than a house buying company like us. We can give you a competitive cash offer within 10 minutes over the phone. In addition to selling your house “As Is”, when selling to House Buyers of America, you don’t have to worry about appraisals or finance contingencies. We also do not charge any real estate commissions or fees. When we purchase your house, you can avoid the 6% commissions to real estate agents that is common with sales on the market. We are not real estate agents who list your house, hoping that it will sell. We buy it ourselves, guaranteeing you a buyer! It then becomes our concern to make any necessary improvements to the house and to sell it later—not yours. We buy your house fast, directly from you, so if you want out of your home now, say “sell my house” to us and we’ll take it off your hands quickly. 

Sell Your House to HBOA 

We are a reputable company who has been dealing in the real estate market in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC for over 15 years. We are friendly and care about your needs. When we buy your house, you have no worries, no commissions, and no delays. We have been buying homes since 2001, with over 1,350 purchased to date. When you say, “sell my house” to us, you are dealing with a local, established company. If you are ready to experience what it’s like to have a fast home sale, contact House Buyers of America today at 855-659-3289 or  fill out our online form 

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