The Perks of Selling Your Home “As Is”

Is it time to sell your home? Here are three reasons you should avoid the old-fashioned home selling process in favor of selling your home “As Is”.

1)  Timing isn’t everything.

When you sell your home the old-fashioned way, timing is important. You want to plan ahead so you can showcase your home in the best possible light. That might mean waiting until spring or summer to take pictures of your home and property when they look their absolute best. No one wants to buy a house from a picture that features a three-foot snowdrift; buyers don’t want to envision the work that will be waiting for them if they make this decision. They will want to see the apple orchard when it’s in full blossom!

However, you also need to gauge when the real estate market is—and will continue—at its most profitable point. That can mean a lot of waiting, and you can wind up losing a good chunk off the price if you don’t time things out well. Timing isn’t a relevant factor when selling home As Is though. You’ll get a competitive cash offer without any finance contingencies—and you won’t have to wait: you’ll get an offer within 10 minutes over the phone.

The most obvious benefit is the fact that you won’t have to endure the agony of home renovations. No painting and repainting, no switching out the carpet for hardwood floors, no smashing ugly tiles in the bathroom to install cleaner-looking ceramics, no more anxiety over which kitchen counters to choose only to have the potential buyers hate them anyway (didn’t you know that granite is, like, so passé? Now everyone who is everyone is putting in hemp-pasted seashell countertops). Renovation is time-consuming, costly, and frustrating; and that isn’t even mentioning the potential to uncover hidden problems (like cracked foundations and leaky pipes) during the process. Selling your home “As Is” means avoiding all the hassles. Our home buying company will do all of the renovations after the sale. Plus, we buy their products in bulk, which means our renovation costs are substantially less than yours would be, and we pass those savings along by giving you a competitive offer.

3)  It’s the fastest and easiest way to save money.

It may not seem like the most cost-effective thing to do. Wouldn’t you make more on your home if you tried to work the real estate market yourself? Not necessarily. There are a lot of costs involved in selling your home, and they all just keep adding up the longer it sits on the market. On top of all the renovation costs, you’ll have the personal costs accrued by the time you end up taking off work, plus the costs of keeping the home itself—those monthly mortgage payments, utility fees, and property taxes—that keep adding up over potentially 6 to 12 months the house will sit on the real estate market. Add to that the real estate commissions, and any drop in price that occurs as a result of the economy’s influence on the market, and you might not be looking at as many cost advantages as you think. Remember that time is valuable, too. Selling your home “As Is” means getting a competitive offer within 10 minutes over the phone with no finance contingencies and no real estate commissions. You can sell your house in as few as seven days, which means you can walk away with cash in your hand and a whole lot less worry on your mind. 

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