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Homes are very personal spaces, which means selling your home can be a very invasive experience.  You have group after group of strange people (and some nosy neighbors) coming into your home during the unbelievable number of open houses and viewings you will have to endure, and not all of those people are going to be as full of compliments as they should be.  In fact, if you get any compliments you are probably lucky.  Most potential home buyers (and nosy neighbors) are unabashedly critical.  From that “heinous” choice of paint color, to that floor plan this is “simply incomprehensible,” and even including your choice of furniture and décor—even the stuff that isn’t included in the sale of the home—all of the components that combine to make your house your home will be thoroughly judged, interrogated, and criticized.

This is hard for everyone (who do these people think they are coming into your home and saying these horrible things?), but it is particularly difficult for someone who has spent a lifetime in that home, who has lost a special someone whose memory is tied to every scuff on the floor or tear in the wallpaper, and who has worked hard to paint those walls or re-envision that floor plan.  Selling your house fast for cash is a good alternative to enduring this added heartache.

Why a home buying company is a good idea

Selling your house fast to a cash home buyer in Virginia can save you a lot of heartache.  Experienced home buying companies, like House Buyers of America, will enable you to sell your house fast—in as little as seven days—privately.  In fact, we can give you an offer in as little as ten minutes over the phone.  This means you won’t have to take time out of your day to clean and stage your house for countless potential home buyers to tromp through, look at, and comment on your home.  We buy houses “As Is,” so you won’t have to put extra money or effort into renovating, cleaning, and staging your home.  It’s a quick, hassle-free solution to help you get the house sold so you can move on to the next stage of your life.

Selling your house fast for cash can help save you money, too

While it may seem like you are sacrificing potential profit by selling your house fast for cash to a home buying company, you may actually end up saving money on your Virginia home—and you will certainly end up saving yourself time and effort.  At House Buyers of America, we buy houses “As Is,” no matter what condition they are in, which means you save money on the expensive repairs and renovations, as well as the cost of staging your home.  We have hundreds of crews that buy in bulk to repair multiple homes, which means we can save up to 50% on home renovations, and we pass those savings on to you with our competitive cash offers. Plus, we do NOT charge real estate commissions or fees, there are NO finance contingencies, and you don’t have to wait up to 6-12 months on the real estate market, incurring additional costs on the home as you wait.

If you are looking to sell house fast for cash—without the hassle of the Virginia real estate market—then you should consider selling your home to a professional home buying company.  Call us at House Buyers of America today at ­ 855-659-3289 to find out more about how you can sell your house fast. We are buying homes As Is for cash without any real estate commission, middlemen or financial contingencies in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.

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