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We’ve all seen those home selling shows on TV. They make the process look easy. There are always an abundance of buyers and those buyers are always putting in competitive offers to grab the house before it’s gone usually within the 30-minute window that is occupied by the show’s time slot. Well, while we would all like to believe the “truths” the television sells us, the home-selling process isn’t that easy and it certainly takes a lot longer than half an hour, especially when you are selling your home in the traditional real estate market. So, is it the best way to sell your house fast in Virginia?

you’ve probably noticed when watching those shows, buyers can have high expectations for a home, and that can pose a problem when you are looking to sell your house fast. Most are looking for move-in-ready homes that match their tastes perfectly—without requiring renovations or updates—while sitting at the bottom end of the market price. Those buyer expectations put a lot onto the home seller. Suddenly, you aren’t just responsible for selling a house; you are responsible for selling a home in mint condition that perfectly complies with all your potential buyers’ wants, whether that be kitchen counters that are stone or tile, backsplashes that aren’t too dark or too light, an accent wall or a room that is neutral and low-key. It’s a lot for someone to take on when they want to sell their house fast especially for someone who isn’t an expert (like most televised home sellers) about what designs are trending now and which of the styles you love are considered to be treacherously outdated.

There is an easier way

Instead of selling your home to a picky real estate market, sell your home direct to a We Buy Houses Virginia home buyer instead. A professional home buying company will buy your home from you fast, “As Is” and for cash so you won’t have to pour thousands of dollars into costly renovations and updates, and you won’t have to wait around for as many as 6 to 12 months for your house to sell, all the while incurring additional mortgage payments on top of real estate commissions or fees. It’s the easiest way to sell your house fast in today’s market.

How does it work?

A home buying company will buy your house from you year-round, no matter whether homes are selling right now or not. Further, professional home buying companies, like House Buyers of America will offer you a competitive cash offer for your home—and you won’t have to wait around for it. You can get an offer within ten minutes over the phone, and you’ll be able to sell your home “As Is” within in seven days—without having to spend time or money on even the most essential of renovations! At House Buyers of America, we have hundreds of crew members working to renovate our houses and we buy our materials in bulk which means we save a lot more when renovating a home, and we pass those savings on to you by making you a competitive offer on your home. Plus, there are no finance contingencies, no real estate commissions or fees and there is no more waiting for your cash offer. Call us today to find out more about how you can sell your house fast for cash by selling it directly to a home buyer. 

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