Three Methods to Sell Your House Quickly

Did you know that it can take between 6 and 12 months to sell a house in Maryland following the traditional real estate process?  Not only is that a significant amount of time to have to worry about the house you are trying to sell—especially if you are under time constraints when making that sale—but it is also a long time to have to maintain that home while it sits on the market.  If you’ve inherited the home you are trying to sell, or if you have already had to purchase your new home, this can mean paying two mortgages for up to a year!  That is an extra expense that can easily become too much, and under those circumstances, it is always better to sell that house fast.  Here are a few tricks that can help you get your house in and out of the market quickly.

1) Stage away—make that house look like the dream home everyone is in the market for. 

Mow the lawns, hire a landscaper, paint, get rid of that hideous wallpaper, rent expensive furniture, bring out the Mona Lisa, hire celebrity endorsement for all your open houses, dig through the history of the home until you discover that it is the long lost ancestral home of Donald Trump’s hair….  There’s a lot you can do to sell a house fast in Maryland, but it depends how much time, effort, and expense you are willing and able to put into the sales pitch.  Plus, you need to determine the wants and needs of your buyer’s market, and while that probably wouldn’t take as much effort as securing the Mona Lisa, it may still be out of your means.  How do you ensure your staging efforts match the needs of the market so you can sell that house fast?

2) Hire a real estate agent to sell your house fast for you.  

Not everyone knows all there is to know about the home selling process—this is a pretty obvious fact.  Fortunately, when you are trying to sell your home fast in Maryland, you can hire a real estate agent to give you a home selling advantage.  While this may be all it takes to get your house the attention it needs to sell quickly, there are also a few downsides.  First, the real estate agent may encourage you to do some costly renovations to get the house ready to sell—and not everyone has the extra moolah sitting around to make those home updates possible.  Plus, even using a real estate agent, your house could take up to a year to sell, and that just might not be fast enough, especially when you are losing profit on that home through mortgage payments, upkeep, and real estate agent commission.  There must be a better way to sell that house fast—but what’s the alternative?

3) Your third option is to sell your house fast to a Maryland home buying company.

If you are looking for competitive, cash offers without having to pay the real estate commission, without having to wait around for 6 to 12 months until the market goes your way, and without having to worry about any finance contingencies, then you should look for a cash home buying company that will buy your house As Is—without all those extensive and costly revisions.  It’s the easiest way to sell your house fast.  Contact us today at House Buyers of America to find out more.

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