Will Selling My House to a Home Buyer Benefit Me?

Whether you’ve inherited an extra house, whether you need to move for work, or whether you are ready to downsize into a smaller home or senior’s complex, selling your Maryland house can be a lot of work.  The costs can easily begin to add up, and they will only climb higher the longer the house sits on the market.  It is a frustrating process, and it leaves a lot of people turning to home buying companies when they’ve hit the peak of their frustration with realtors.  This is why turning to a cash home buyer in Maryland may actually carry a lot of benefits for people who are looking to say “sell my house now”.

1) Cut down on costs.

Did you know that selling your Maryland home the traditional way can take up to 6 to 12 months? That’s a significant amount of time for anyone who wants to sell that house quickly, and the costs associated with selling and maintaining that home just keep adding up the longer the house sits on the market. If you already have a new home, or if you’ve inherited this house on top of your home, then it could mean paying two mortgages—plus you’ll need to keep paying for electricity and water in the house you are trying to sell for all of those viewings and open houses. Those costs can add up, not to mention the cost of hiring that real estate agent, and those fall on top of additional renovation and maintenance costs. It’s an endeavor that is at least as pricey as it is time consuming, and that means it may be very worthwhile to say “sell my house” to a home buying company to get it off your hands so you can get on with your day. 

2) Avoid the renovation nightmare.

Do you know the number one thing people look for when they are buying a home?  Renovations.  Your potential buyers will be looking to see that you’ve incorporated all the latest and greatest appliances and updates into their potential home.  They want to make sure the paint color is neutral and goes well with the flooring, they want the house to have an open floor plan that isn’t too confining, hardwood floors on the main level, white cabinets are the hot trend, granite countertops are a must, and they want the house to smell like lemon peppermint tea when they walk in instead of chocolate chip cookies—pleasing the potential home buyer can be a challenge, no matter how much time, effort, and expense you are willing to put into renovations, so instead of monitoring the latest trends at your local Maryland market, you can save yourself the renovation woes (and subsequent home viewer insults) by saying “sell my house” to a home buying company.

3) Consider the balance of those potential profits.

A lot of people remain hesitant about turning to home buying companies because they believe they will lose out on the profits they could be gaining from the Maryland home they are selling.  This may be a valid factor, but before you make up your mind against saying “sell my house” to a Maryland home buying company, consider crunching all the numbers.  Does the potential profit of the home really outweigh the cost of selling the home once you factor in real estate agent commission, the costs of renovation, the amount of time you will have to take off work for viewings and maintenance, the mortgage payments and other fees required to cover the duration of time the house may sit on the market, and the cut to the price of the home if it sits on the market for too long?  A reputable home buying company will offer you a competitive cash offer, and will buy your home fast, As Is—without the 6% real estate commission, and without the finance contingencies.  You may be surprised at how much time, money, and effort you can save.  Call us today at 855-659-3289 to find out more.

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