Sell Your House Fast

Does your house need repairs and you don’t have the time or money to renovate it? Would you like to cash out your home equity quickly without any hassle? Are you looking to downsize? Tired of carrying two homes after a loved one passed away? If you are tired of waiting for someone to buy your home, you have another option. House Buyers of America can offer you a quick sale in order to sell your house in 7 days. Find out how thousands of home owners have used fast home buying by House Buyers of America in order to get their homes sold quickly with our convenient “sell house for cash” option.

Why sell it fast?

There are many reasons why home owners look to sell their homes to House Buyers of America. Being able to sell your home in today’s market conventionally may not be the right option for you. Many house buyers know the value of getting something done quickly and efficiently.

Inherited Properties

Take for example children of recently deceased parents. This is a terrible situation that unfortunately happens all too often and usually leaves the children in a state of unpreparedness. You now have two homes to take care of and in some cases your parent’s home may even have a remaining mortgage. Can you pay for two mortgages at once? This is when they ask House Buyers of America to “buy my house now!”

An estate home can often take longer to sell on the open market as well. Not only do you have to worry about emptying the home, but these homes owned by an older generation fall prey to a couple of real estate issues that delay the selling of the home. First, these homes are often not up to date either in fashion and style or in renovations and repair. For many home buyers or cash for houses companies, they want a home that is close to being “buyer ready.” Generally, in these situations you need to drastically reduce your price or you have to put a lot of money into fixing it up or staging the home for sale. Second, the mere headaches involved in selling an estate home can cause many families a lot of grief, which leads to indecision and delays. Wouldn't you rather have House Buyers of America buy your house in 7 days "As Is"?

Downsizing Retirees

Retired and recently had health issues that prevent you from effectively maintaining your legacy home? Have you ever thought “I need to sell my house now?” Turn to a home buying company like House Buyers of America. House Buyers of America buys all kinds of houses from ugly ones to those in need of significant renovation or homes that you just need to sell fast.

Downsizing for retirees can often become a huge issue in selling the home. You want to move on with your life but are stuck with a large home that can be hard to sell. Of course, with House Buyers of America, you can also sell your house without any fees. House Buyers of America offers competitive prices without any fees or commissions. Yes, you read that right. House Buyers of America does not charge for its services to buy your house fast.

Typical Problems In Conventional Sales

Have you ever tried to sell a house you own quickly? If you want to sell your house in 7 days, it is pretty much impossible. Yet at House Buyers of America, we promise to buy your house as fast as possible.

Poor Condition 

No matter the condition of your house, House Buyers of America buys your house for cash, "As Is"! Whether you own an ugly home that is unsightly or one in need of repairs or renovations, House Buyers of America buys houses in ANY condition, period! 

Home Selling Contingencies 

Have you ever received offers on a home contingent on the buyer selling their home first? Most offers in conventional sales also have finance and appraisal contingencies. With House Buyers of America, you will never have to wait weeks and possibly months for contingencies to clear. House Buyers of America has no finance, appraisal or home sale contingencies. We simply buy your house, "As Is" for 100% cash.

Condition of Repairs 

Tired of having potential buyers request a long list of repairs to take place before they will buy your house when all you want is to sell my house now? Sell your house in 7 days to House Buyers of America without these onerous conditions of repairs or home inspections. Simply get cash for your house.

Large Real Estate Commissions

Paying for a 6% real estate commission can often cost you dearly in real money and equity that you will never recover. Let’s say you have a $400,000 house and you pay 6% in real estate commission, that’s $24,000 in commission! When you sell your house in 7 days to House Buyers of America, you can be assured that there are no hidden fees, commission or costs from House Buyers of America at all. A competitive price is paid to you in 100% cash!

If you are thinking to yourself, “sell my house now,” go with the best, largest and most reputable house buying company in the U.S. that can get you an offer for your home within 10 minutes over the phone. No more waiting around weeks for open houses, staging companies or buyers that are fickle. With fair, competitive offers you also do not have to worry about haggling over price. Call now or fill out our online form to get a cash offer within 10 minutes!