We Buy Houses in Virginia

We Buy Houses in Virginia

Virginia is a fast-growing real estate market with a wide variety of options available for buyers and sellers to choose from. As one of the nation’s most influential original founding colonies, Virginia offers a great mixture of urban, rural, single-family, multi-family, and other types of homes. Unsurprisingly, the housing market in Virginia has been incredibly hot over the past few years and the Commonwealth’s population is now above 8.6 million.

House Buyers of America is proud to announce its “We Buy Houses Virginia” program. As one of the first companies, you’ll encounter when you look for “we buy houses” Virginia solutions, we work hard to provide you with the options that you need to avoid the hassles of the traditional real estate market, as we can offer you a quick sale on your home. We buy houses across the entire Chesapeake region, including houses for sale in Virginia, as well as Washington, D.C. and Maryland (MD).

We are committed to offering efficient, fair, and competitive housing bids to each of our dedicated customers. House Buyers of America works with a number of situations where homeowners need or prefer to sell their homes in a non-traditional manner. We can help you if you have inherited a property, are looking to downsize, or have any other reason you need to sell your home quickly. Since we first became house buyers, Virginia homeowners have been able to significantly reduce the amount of time their home stays on the market. 

A Better Home Selling Experience with Virginia Home Buyers

When you need to sell your house fast, the traditional real estate process often doesn’t cut it. There are a lot of steps involved in the home selling process. Some home sellers—whether in Virginia or elsewhere—simply don’t have the time nor resources needed to complete this process on their own. 

At House Buyers of America, we understand that even minor delays in the home selling process can create a ripple effect of issues for those looking to offload a property. If it takes longer to sell your current home, then it will also likely require more time before you can move into the next one. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing a better home selling experience.

When you take advantage of our “We Buy Houses VA” program, you will not have to worry about:

  • Real estate agents who overpromise and underdeliver
  • Preparing your home for sale (renovations, deep cleaning, etc.)
  • Ensuring your home is “show ready” for potential showings
  • Having your home sit on the market for weeks or months
  • Paying an agent commission for the sale

We are among the most competitive Virginia house buyers, with listings located across the Commonwealth. Instead, you’ll benefit from a smooth, hassle-free home selling experience, without the guesswork. 

Where We Buy Houses in Virginia

House Buyers of America isn’t your average home buying company. While our company is classified as an iBuyer, we seek to blend the best of the new with a personal touch. We are a high-tech real estate investment firm that is changing the way people sell houses by simplifying the selling process for homeowners who are looking to sell their house fast.

But that’s not all. We’re also experienced real estate experts. We have access to all the latest market research and understand how it applies to your property. Our in-depth connections to the Virginia real estate market have helped people of all kinds achieve their goals as home sellers. This means we can provide our valued clients with a fair, competitive and data-driven offer. 

Here's a quick list of the cities and counties in Virginia where we buy houses in Virginia:

And more!

In other words, if you are looking for house buyers in Virginia, we are undoubtedly the best platform for you to begin your journey. The result? A fair cash offer on the table in no time—often within 10 minutes of receiving your call!

The House Buyers of America Difference

What sets House Buyers of America apart from other Virginia home buyers? After all, there are many different platforms that are looking to sell Virginia homes fast and it's only natural that you’ll want to explore your options. 

We've been in business since 2001 and have developed a reputation of strong growth and success. We've purchased thousands of homes and worked with thousands of homeowners, so you can rest assured when you request an offer, you're in good hands. We'll follow through quickly and dedicate our efforts to getting you paid as soon as possible. 

Working with House Buyers of America means you don't have to worry about paying a commission, and you won't have to wait for someone to respond to your listing. Since you won’t be working with a real estate agent, you get to pocket 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the home. 

What We Can Do (That a Traditional Real Estate Agency Cannot)

Real estate agents market your home to potential buyers. At House Buyers of America, we are the buyer, and we buy houses for cash. Already, you can see the difference we have between traditional Realtors: with a traditional Realtor, you find someone who might want to buy your house for cash. With us, you will immediately have a connection who is willing to pay cash for your Virginia home.

This means you don't have to prep your house for showings, wait for leads, or work around the schedule of an agent or potential buyers. We’re ready to give you a fast cash offer for your house today!

It also means you don't need to worry about the condition of your home. In most real estate cases, renovations, remodels, and touch-ups are necessary to make your home market ready. While renovations and remodels may increase the overall value of your home, they present an investment that you are not guaranteed to earn back, and that is simply not possible for everyone out there.

Why We Do Things Differently

Navigating the competitive Virginia housing market isn’t easy. Many of our clients come to us in times of uncertainty, seeking a quick and convenient solution that will help them move forward.

We are your “sell my house fast” Virginia experts: trained and experienced professionals who understand the challenges that come with needing to offload a property within a short period of time.

This is why we’re dedicated to providing a smooth, effortless, and simplified home-selling experience. 

Below are just a few of the positive remarks we have received from past clients

  • "House Buyers of America took care of us, and they paid us what we wanted for our house. Everything went fast and smoothly from start to finish. It happened quickly, which was exactly what we needed." - Michael H., Alexandria, VA
  • "The entire process was a breeze. I would recommend House Buyers of America to anyone looking to sell their home in AS IS condition." - Ted M., Sterling, VA
  • "I felt the pricing was extremely fair and the process hassle-free every step of the way. From start to finish, everyone involved in the transaction was pleasant and accommodating to my needs." - Alice B., Herndon, VA

If you’re looking to sell your home fast in Virginia, House Buyers of America is the right fit for you. We do things differently because we believe every homeowner deserves a customized solution that can get their house sold fast.

We Want to Help Homeowners Like You

Many of the Virginia homeowners we work with are facing times of difficulty due to circumstances beyond their control. These hardships will inevitably make it more difficult to sell your home and can include: 

Death in the Family and Inherited Properties

When a loved one passes away, their next of kin are left to make difficult decisions related to their estate and personal assets. This can be particularly challenging if remaining loved ones live far away or have no interest in occupying the inherited house. For these families, our "We Buy Houses VA'' program is ideal. The program allows relatives to offload their inherited property quickly without having to attend viewings of the house, pay costly commissions, or prepare the home for sale. 

An inherited home comes with a lot of responsibilities, so you will want to weigh all of your options when a loved one leaves you their home. You may already own a home of your own and, therefore, owning a second property may not be ideal for you. House Buyers of America can make you an offer on your inherited property so that you will not have to worry with upkeep, taxes and family feuds.

When you sell your home to House Buyers of America, you will be given the option for a quick sale, which means you can be out from under the inherited property in as little as 7 days. This can be a great option for those who are not willing or able to make updates to their property for the real estate market.


House Buyers of America understands your needs when it comes time to downsizing. If you have already found your retirement home, then you may be needing to get out from under your current home. Our We Buy Houses Virginia program allows you to close on your home within days of you accepting our offer. You may need to sell your home because of health reasons. If there are a lot of maintenance issues occurring within the home, then you may not be able to do what is needed to list it on the market. 

If you are motivated to sell your home quickly or simply looking to sell your house in a more hassle-free manner than the traditional market, then our We Buy Houses Virginia program might be a perfect fit for you.


If your marriage is coming to an end, the last thing you want to worry about is your financial future. Divorce can also be especially agonizing when couples battle one another for belongings and other marital assets.

Many of our clients come to us saying “I need to sell my house in Virginia” because they want to finalize their divorce and move on to the next chapter of their lives as quickly as possible. We make it happen!

In fact, the majority of our home sellers receive payment in just a matter of days, which can be extremely beneficial if the divorce fees are mounting.

Financial Distress

Did you know that 87% of American families are in debt? Or that in May 2019, 3.6% of all mortgages in the United States were in delinquency? That equates to approximately 50 million mortgages!

Struggling with a mortgage is a common problem, and one that can make it difficult to get ahead financially. At House Buyers of America, our "We Buy Houses in Virginia" program can help you sell your house fast, and help you achieve the financial freedom you need.

Why Choose House Buyers of America?

If you’re not yet convinced that our Virginia house buyers program is for you, consider three important points:

Fast Closing

Did you know the process of selling your home can last up to 9 months? On average, it takes sellers about 6 months to gather all the research necessary to make the decision to sell their home. That doesn't consider the time it takes to find a Realtor, hire a contractor for renovations, and get the house ready for the market, which could add an additional 2 to 3 months. That is valuable time that you could be spending moving forward with cash in your pocket. Can you afford to wait that long? You’re not alone.

At House Buyers of America, our team of real estate experts can finalize the sale of your home in just a few days, putting cash in your hand far sooner than a traditional real estate agent can.

How are we able to expedite so many transactions? It all comes back to our reputation as a BBB accredited business since 2001. We've dedicated ourselves to professional growth, integrity, and superior customer service: values that we're happy to commit to you, so you can benefit from a fast and hassle-free sale. It’s a win/win situation for all involved!

No Hidden Costs

One of the most common complaints homeowners have about the traditional real estate process is all the fees, taxes, and hidden costs involved in selling a home. These charges include (but are not limited to):

  • Real estate agent commissions
  • Repairs 
  • House/carpet cleaning
  • Photography
  • Brochures and other marketing print costs
  • Real estate agent administrative fees
  • Home staging
  • Landscaping
  • Utilities (while the home is on the market)

When you sell your home through our Virginia home buyers’ program, you can avoid these expenses, saving thousands of dollars. Remember, we buy your home AS IS. No matter what size, location, or condition of your house, we’ll make you a fair cash offer for a quick house sale.

No Preparation

There’s a lot of leg work that goes into listing a home with a real estate agent, whether you live in Virginia or anywhere else. You'll not only be required to do a deep house clean and maintain the cleanliness of the home for showing, but you may also need to update kitchen appliances—such as ovens and dishwashers—install new flooring, landscape the property, paint, and much more.

Are you looking for a convenient and hassle-free sale that will get you paid as soon as possible? Receive your fair cash offer in as little as 10 minutes.

Call us now at 855-659-3289 or fill out our online form to get a cash offer today.