Selling Your House is Easy with a “We Buy Houses” Company

Real estate shows can make the home selling process look pretty glamorous; in reality, the process is time consuming and costly, and not everyone has the time, money, or know-how it takes to get their house market-ready.  This means those costs will keep adding up.  Not only do you have to pay for an expert to come in to cover all the renovations you are unable to do yourself, but you also need to take time off work for viewings, and, in the meantime, you have to keep covering both of those mortgages if you purchased a new home before you sold your old one.  Fortunately, there is a cost-saving solution that can get your house off of your hands quickly—whether or not it is market ready.  In Washington, DC that solution comes in the form of “we buy houses” companies.

What are “we buy houses” companies?

“We buy houses” companies or cash home buyers, are companies that will buy your house from you for the purpose of renovating and reselling it.  The concept may seem a little strange, but it can actually offer you a lot of benefits.

1) It’s fast

“We buy houses” companies are designed to save you the time it would take for your house to sit in the home buyer’s market, waiting for a bite. A home buying company allows you to sell your Washington, DC house fast—like 7 days fast—and that time saving feature also saves you money. When selling your home through a real estate agent, it can take, as long as 6 to 12 months for your home to sell, and all that while you are paying the mortgage on that home. A “we buy houses” company, like House Buyers of America, will make you a competitive cash offer on your house fast—within 10 minutes over the phone. 

2) It’ll save you a lot of work

“We buy houses” companies save you the work it takes to get your Washington, DC house market-ready, too.  If you want your home to sell fast in the market, then you need to put a lot of work into it.  No matter how old or pretty the house is, it is going to need renovations, plus it needs to be cleaned from top to bottom, it needs to be staged, and it needs to be maintained for the whole time it is sitting on the market. There is no one-time-clean solution—and that includes lawn maintenance and landscaping, too.  These things take a lot of time, money, and effort, especially if you need to commute from where you are currently living and working to accommodate all of these needs.  A cash home buyer like House Buyers of America, will buy your house As Is in Washington, DC, no matter what condition it is in.

3) It saves you money

“We buy houses” companies save you the costs that add up as a result of the time it takes the house to sell and the effort it takes to get the home market-ready, but that isn’t the only way home buying companies can save you money.  At House Buyers of America, we offer competitive pricing for Washington, DC houses, and we do not charge real estate commissions or fees, which would subtract an average 6 per cent from your sale.  Plus, we offer All Cash, and that means you don’t have to deal with finance contingencies.

If you are looking for a “we buy houses” company so you can sell your Washington, DC home fast, look no further than House Buyers of America. 

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