We Buy Houses for Cash in Virginia No Matter Their Condition

Are you wondering who would sell their Virginia home for cash? Perhaps you can’t fathom a situation where that would be necessary, but you may be surprised. We buy houses in Virginia most often when one of two situations arise.

Scenario 1:

We buy homes for cash in Virginia when someone inherits a property. Inherited properties are often older family homes that have been loved for a long time, but often not kept up to date or maintained very well. It happens. When you spend a lifetime in the same home, keeping up-to-date on décor trends can take a back seat to your other priorities. In terms of maintenance, as we age, many find themselves on a fixed income, which can make costly repairs, like new roofing, difficult to accommodate. For those who inherit these homes, they often find that not only does the property need some renovation, but structurally, it may also be in need of some real TLC, too.

It’s no surprise that this can be a bit of a financial burden, especially for someone who already owns a home with its own list of needs to address. In this situation, being able to sell a house As Is, is a real blessing. That’s when we buy houses for cash in Virginia. 

Scenario 2:

The second circumstance under which we buy houses is when seniors are downsizing. There are similar issues here as there are in our first scenario, but in this case, the home is more of a physical burden than a financial one—although it could be both.

That big family home can become a burden as we age. There may be too many stairs, too much space, or too much regular maintenance to keep on top of. A senior looking to downsize is likely to be living alone or with just their spouse, and they may not be in the physical fit enough to mow a big lawn regularly, rake leaves, shovel the driveway, or clean out the gutters. It’s simply too much. There is also a good chance that the home needs some repairs: perhaps it hasn’t been painted in years, or has outdated wall-to-wall carpeting – maybe the kitchen is falling apart. For seniors looking to downsize, being able to sell a house As Is for cash gives you a nice chunk of your equity back—without sinking their retirement savings into renovation costs and real estate commissions.  That’s another reason why we buy houses in Virginia.

It doesn’t matter to us…

No matter what condition your home is in, we want to buy it. If you live in Maryland, Virginia, or DC, let us help alleviate your burden. We will offer you a competitive cash price that will let you sell a house As-Is. Whether you find yourself with an inherited property that needs work and you can’t manage it, or you are downsizing and looking to get some of your equity back without dealing with Realtors, staging your house, and bad markets, we’ve got you covered.  We buy houses so you don’t have to wait to move on with your life.

We buy houses in Virginia As Is for cash! Don’t stress a moment longer about what to do with your home; contact House Buyers of America directly today for more information. 

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