Buy My House Quickly and As Is

Buy My House Quickly and As Is

There is an important distinction between listing your house as “for sale” on the real estate market and asking someone to “buy my house”. In one instance, you are submitting your house to the will of the market. By listing your house as “for sale,” you are subscribing to those market expectations. The viewers who come into your home, prospective buyers and browsers alike, are going to expect that your house has been staged to meet those market expectations. They will be expecting all the latest trends, from dark-stained hardwood floors to granite countertops and everything in-between. If your house fails to meet those expectations, it is going to be met with criticism, and it isn’t as likely to sell—at least nowhere near the asking price.

Listing your home as “for sale” comes with a hefty work (and stress) load. It means agreeing to fulfill the expectations of the buyer’s market, no matter how fickle those expectations might be. For instance, that beautiful granite foyer might be considered far too kitschy for our modern American simplicity, and a lot of the potential buyers may comment to your realtor that they would much prefer white (no matter how heartbreaking it may seem to smash out granite tile in exchange for white ceramic. There is an alternative, though. If you aren’t willing or are unable to afford the costly renovations and time-consuming upkeep that comes with listing your home, you can ask someone to “buy my house” instead.

What does it mean to say “buy my house”?

When you are asking someone to “buy my house,” you are asking them to buy something that is yours. Structurally speaking, you are asking them to actively purchase something that is infused with your identity—it is your house, your home, not a house on the market. It may seem like a fairly minor distinction, but it has clear implications. You aren’t taking on the responsibility of turning your home into a market property here; you are asking someone to take on the responsibility of assuming your home and the identity with which it has been infused.

Saying “buy my house” can work if you are selling your home to a friend or family member, or if you are selling it as a historical property where the identity of the home may be a key selling feature. But for the most part, when you take your home to the market, the expectation is that you are listing the home as “for sale,” and you aren’t very likely to get a positive response if you deviate from those expectations and ask the real estate world to “buy my house” instead.

Why? Because most buyers today don’t want to “buy my house”; they want a house that is next step to move-in ready. They want the cupboards to be the color they prefer already; they want the floors they would pick out in the department store; they want the house on the cover of the magazine: trendy, neutral, reproducible, and identity-less. They don’t want to buy a house that already has an identity precluded within it; they want a house with a blank canvas to it so they can add their own identities when they move in.

So are you doomed if you want to avoid the extra work and say “buy my house” anyways?

On the contrary; you may actually be at an even stronger advantage. Why? Because you can choose to say “buy my house” to professional home buyers like House Buyers of America. They’ll give you a competitive cash offer for you home, and they’ll take it AS IS. You’ll be able to sell fast, and then they’ll to all the work of getting the house ready for the market. It’s the best solution if you want out quickly and without the hassle, so contact a home buying company like House Buyers of America today. You won’t regret your decision. 

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