What Do You Need to Do to Start Selling Houses for Cash?

Do you have a house that you want to sell? Does the thought of going the traditional route of hiring a Realtor and paying a commission bother you? Are you a private person who feels that selling a house is more stressful than you can handle? If so, you are a great candidate to get cash for your house As Is.

Getting cash for your house is a wonderful way to get a quick, hassle-free, non-intrusive sale, which allows you skip the stress of renovations and paying commissions. Instead of putting your house in competition with hundreds of others in your city, you can go to one well-established source that has the manpower, financial backing and many years of industry experience to buy your house quickly.

Here’s how you can start selling your house for cash

1.  Be a good candidate : To get cash for your house, you can be a landlord that is tired of renting, a couple relocating for a job, someone going through a divorce, siblings trying to spit the value of an inherited home, seniors downsizing into a smaller dwelling, a family wanting to avoid high renovation costs, or just someone that wants to sell and quickly cash out their equity. Either way, you are a great candidate to get cash for your house.

2.  Contact a home buying company : Now, this step is where most sellers go astray. A quick Google search will show you many different companies willing to buy your house for cash. However, many of those are new or single-proprietorship companies that can fade out of the market before your sale is complete. Too many of these companies do not understand the legal work, do not have the financial backing required, or are not prepared to renovate a house they have bought “As Is”. Make sure you only contact a reputable company that has deep roots in the industry, has bought and sold a large volume of houses, and that does not ask you to do any renovations whatsoever before they offer you cash for your house. These companies are the answers to your request “buy my house” and put cash in your hands.

4.  Accept the offer : Once you accept the cash offer for your “As Is” house, you can close quickly, in as little as seven days in most cases – if, and only if, you are working with the right cash home buyer.

As you can see, selling houses for cash is quick and easy. The key part is finding the right company to buy your house. That company is House Buyers of America. With over 15 years in the industry, 100s of crews to renovate houses cost-effectively, bulk buying power, an established corporate structure, and sound financial backing, we offer one of the most competitive cash offers for your home “As Is” in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

Don’t hesitate if you want to sell your house for cash. Contact us today to get started. 

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