Budget Friendly Ideas to Sell My House Fast

Budget Friendly Ideas to Sell My House Fast

Whether you are living in Maryland, Virginia, or even Washington DC, selling your home can be time consuming and expensive—and the more time consuming it becomes, the more those costs keep piling up. Obviously, a completely immaculate home that needs zero work and undersells itself on the real estate market is going to sell the fastest. If people want anything, it’s a good deal and a house that looks like it could owned by a celebrity. That selling tactic isn’t always practical for the budget, though.

Here are a few budget-friendly answers for those of you who’ve commented that you need to “sell my house fast.”

How do I sell my house fast—without blowing my budget?

1)  Make sure the price is right

The most important thing when saying “sell my house” is to put the right price on the home in the first place. Use similar houses in your neighborhood for comparison—especially if any of them have sold recently and quickly. You don’t want to over-list your home expecting the potential buyer to negotiate a price that’s more in keeping with what you want. Remember that if you list your house too steep and it sits on the market for a long time, it’s going to continuously lose value. Depending on how much of a hurry you are in, it may be worth listing the home for a bit less so it sells faster, costing you less in upkeep, mortgage payments, utilities, taxes, and commissions and fees.

2)  Declutter and stage

One of the most budget-friendly things you can do to help “sell my house fast” is to clear the clutter. You may have to rent a storage locker if you don’t already have a new place to live, or you may be able to make a little pocket change by having a big yard sale. Either way, giving your potential buyers the space to envision their own personal belongings in the house, and staging the space in a way that best highlights its features, are going to be the most cost-efficient ways to help your house sell faster.

3)  Make DIY your new best friend

There are often basic renovations that should happen if you want to “sell my house fast.” You can save a bit by weeding out the renovations list. Just do what is necessary to get the house to sell and leave the big renovations that are designed to increase your home’s value to the new buyers. You can save more if you can do the simpler renovations yourself. For instance, one thing that will help a home sell is a new coat of paint. You can save quite a bit by repainting yourself—just make sure you look into the season’s most popular neutral colors so your potential buyers will appreciate the work you do put in.

4)  Cut costs where you can

You will need to maintain certain expenses while your home is on the market. For instance, you will need to keep your electricity and utilities on, and you will need to keep paying any mortgage and property taxes. However, you can always cancel the cable—especially if you aren’t still living in the house—to cut the costs while you are waiting to “sell my house fast.”

5)  Sell to a home selling company instead

If you are on a tight budget in terms of time as well as money, then there is one option that is going to solve all your “sell my house fast” anxiety: sell “As Is” to a home buying company. You won’t have to spend a penny to get real estate ad space, to cover real estate commissions and fees, to cover the cost of home inspections and renovations, or to keep paying for the home for the length of time it sits on the market. Instead, you’ll get a competitive cash offer quickly, and you’ll be able to put out the “sold” sign in as few as seven days.

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