How to Go About Selling My House

How to Go About Selling My House

When it’s time to tell people you are going to sell my house, the task can be daunting, especially if you are also searching for another property to buy. The process of selling your house requires time and can be emotionally challenging. Whether you grew up in your home or your children did, there are a lot of memories in those four walls. You also have to deal with strangers coming into your home. Not only do last minute viewings interrupt your day but, if you stick around for the viewing, you have to hear a lot of criticism. Maybe someone doesn’t like the décor or paint color, or maybe someone really hates the entire house and is quite vocal about it. Dealing with all of this stress for the first time leads to mistakes and way too many headaches. If you are in search of “sell my house” tips, we recommend reading our mini guide below.

1.  Create a sell-my-house plan

Before you start making repairs on your home and before you officially list your property, you need to make a plan. Not only will this help you avoid costly mistakes, but it will ensure you are prepared to handle the process. The first phase of your sell-my-house plan is to find your motivation for selling. It is important to be fully committed and explore all the reasons for making this decision or you may regret selling. Create a pros and cons list, talk to trusted professionals, and friends and family who have gone through the motions already.

Compare the traditional MLS method versus selling to a cash home buyer. Selling the house on the traditional market where Realtor commissions apply and getting a good offer can take months is frustrating. Selling the property to a cash home buying company instead means a fast, competitive cash offer for the “As-Is” home.

2.  Have your home inspected, if you are going the traditional route

Although buyers will request a home inspection prior to closing a sale, it is best to be proactive and have your own inspection done. This step should definitely be added to your sell-my-house checklist as it helps you understand the current state of your property and the money you need to invest for a better chance at a sale. There is a lot happening behind the walls of a home that often goes unnoticed like outdated electrical work, DIY repairs that didn’t follow regulations, and the early signs of mold or infestations. Once you aware of any problems, you can figure out which ones are worth fixing and who will fix them. Remember, it is important to put your best foot forward.

This step can be very costly. If the thought of paying for an inspection then finding money to bring the house up to code and make it competitive on the market is worrying you, go for the better option. A cash home buyer lets you sell your house “As Is” with zero contingencies. No repairs, no renovations, no inspections, no out of pocket costs.

3.  Don’t assume you need an agent

When you finally decide “Yes, I am going to sell my house,” you may think the next thing to do is hire an agent. Trying to sell your home on your own is stressful, and there is no shame in hiring someone to help you through the process. A good Realtor has the ability to negotiate, handle any problems that can arise, and assist with paperwork. However, real estate agents come with a hefty commission — typically 5% - 6% of the sale price of your home. Your home could also sit on the market for months with this method.

Instead of choosing a Realtor when you say, “sell my house,” why not sell to a cash home buying company? That’s the fastest way to get a competitive cash offer in minutes and to sell the home “As Is.”

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