Make a Smart Move: Tips for Finding a Home Buyer

Make a Smart Move: Tips for Finding a Home Buyer

Are you looking for cash for houses companies because you want to sell you house fast? If so, you also want to get a fair price. Although there is a popular way, which is to speak with a Realtor and get their help selling your home, there is usually a big problem using this method – it can take months and you are out of pocket on the expenses to repair and stage the home.

This isn’t ideal if you need to move quickly because of a new job or military transfer, you are tired being a landlord, you are facing the dissolution of a relationship, or if you are the victim of an economic crisis. If you need to cash out your equity quickly, you might not have the time necessary to sell your home through a Realtor.

Sure, a Realtor has access to home buyers, but another potential problem with using a Realtor is that they get a cut of your house sale profits. This alone can defeat the purpose. You’ll also probably have to put money into repairs and renovations. Wouldn’t it be better to find home buyers that will purchase your home “As Is?”

In this post we’re going to look at tips for finding home buyers, so you can see which method works the best for you.

Make a Smart Move with These Tips for Finding Home Buyers

1.  Cash Home Buying Companies

Cash home buyers purchase your home for a fair all-cash price, and best of all, they buy homes “As Is.” The National Association of Realtors reported that in 2017 all-cash sales accounted for 21 percent of transactions in September, up from previous months.  So, you can rest assured that it is a legitimate business. Just be sure to use a proven and recognized home buying company that has access to capital and that has been in the business for several years. Also, check the home buying company’s reviews. Great reviews mean a company you can trust to quickly give you cash for your “As Is” home.

2.  Find an Investor Yourself

There are many private investors who are also home buyers. They invest money into homes needing repairs, so they also buy them “As Is”. They’ll also pay cash for homes if owners want money quickly, rather than waiting for buyers who need to get financing first. You may be tempted to look for these types of home buyers online on sites like CraigsList. Don’t do that! Only deal with serious cash investors that are running proper businesses. Even if you are selling your home for cash, you need to protect yourself – and your property – from fraud and poor business practices.

Cash home buyers are becoming a popular option, but when looking for an investor to buy your home “As Is,” stick with a cash home buying company, not a single investor you found online.

3.  Put Your House on a House Buying Website – For Sale by Owner

There websites where you can sell your house yourself for a small fee. The website, which is usually created by Realtors, helps you set up your section of the website with pictures and information. This way you can find home buyers yourself while you save money on real estate commissions.

This option also means navigating all the legal issues and paperwork that come with selling a home on the traditional market. What if someone breaks something in your home during a walk through? What if financing falls through? What if you need a loan to fix up the house for viewings?

Selling the home yourself can be a really big headache. Selling your property to cash home buyers is a faster, affordable, and hassle-free solution.

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